Capacitor Banks

This tool helps to calculate a capacitor bank with a total capacitance and application voltage build with single capacitors of a given rated voltage and nominal capacitance. The sheet calculate the applied voltage by rated voltage to get the number of chips per Row. The capacitance per row is CapPerRow = 1/(number of chips per Row)
Add the price to get the total cost of the whole bank.

Please enter the capacitance values in engineering notation for E.G. 2.2uF is 2.2e-6 or for 1nF type 1e-9.
Hit enter or tab for calculation

MaxVoltOnChip and RelMaxVolt

Voltage applied split up proportional to the capacitance. The worst case is that one capacitor has the minimum tolerance and the rest is at the maximum tolerance. MaxVoltOnChip is the worst case that could happen at the capacitor with the lowest capacitance value. RelMaxVolt gives the relation of MaxVoltOnChip divided by rated voltage. For high voltage capacitors with a rated voltage less equal 1000V the value should not exceed the 1.2 above the 1000V the value should be lower than 1.15. Make the tolerance tighter e.g. from 10% to 5% improves the relation. The chip will not destroyed immediately if the value is exceeded but is more stressed by the higher electrical field and will likely fail earlier than expected.